Prefabricated Data Centre Modules

Why go Prefabricated? 

  • Predictable Performance
    Prefabricated Modules are implemented as designed, and are configured and tested in the factory prior to shipment.   
  • Faster Deployment
    Prefabricated Modules simplify the planning, construction, and implementation, reducing the total time from concept to commissioning. 
  • Scalability
    Prefabrication gives you the flexibility to scale your data centre growth at a more granular level, minimizing oversizing and up-front expenditures.

Why Schneider Electric from BMC Manufacturing?

  1. Experience - Combine Schneider Electric’s data centre expertise with BMC’s local support
  2. Broad offering of Prefabricated Modules - Over 15 different customizable base designs 
  3. Global capabilities with local support - Global supply chain with experts in your region to support with applications and engineering 
  4. StuxureWare for Data Centres - Modules are fully instrumented and compatible with Schneider’s DCIM software suite 
  5. Library of Reference designs - Pre-engineered prefabricated reference designs in a range of sizes and tier levels