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Harmonic Correction Equipment

Harmonic Correction EquipmentBMC manufacturing is one of the few companies in Ireland who have an active Harmonic Correction Device to offer as part of our product range.

Active harmonics conditioners from 20 to 480 Amps as manufactured by Schneider Electric
Accusine Active Conditioners, the market leader in harmonic control using state-of-the-art technologies.

Invisible, costly pollution

Nonlinear loads absorb currents. All currents are made up of:

  • the basic sinusoidal current (50 Hz, for example) called the fundamental (F),
  • sinusoidal "polluting" currents which are multiples of F (2F, 3F, 4F, 5F,. nF) called harmonics.

Harmonic Correction EquipmentThese harmonics are increasingly polluting the voltages used by production facilities, pumping stations, data processing systems, telecommunication switchboards, TV studios, etc. and consume a significant proportion of available current.

This gives power users three types of problem:

  1. Impact on the electrical installation with significant overheating in alternators, transformers, capacitors and cables... The hidden costs of accelerated ageing in this type of equipment can be extremely high.
  2. Impact on utilisation of equipment with unexplained power outages and malfunctions in equipment sensitive to power quality. These failures cost money and reduce the effect of capital investment - with a negative effect on the bottom line!
  3. Impact on available electrical power as the current consumed by harmonics is totally lost and can cause up to 30% over-consumption. Utility bills soar even though there is less power available.

BMC are available to conduct a survey of your installation to check for unwanted harmonic currents and advise on the best course of action to correct the situation. As with Power Factor, Harmonic currents are unique to each individual installation and therefore need to be analysed accordingly.

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